About the Author

Why hello there!

My name is Kaylah Jordan Olshefsky, the author and creator of the Mustard Seeds blog. If I had to describe myself I would say that I am a silly, clumsy, creative, task-oriented, food loving, and community seeking introvert who loves people! I am a 25 year old old and I live in State College, Pa with my sweet, loving, and oh so handsome husband Caleb. I am currently a missionary with a campus ministry located in Pennsylvania.

I created this blog, though it was called Staying Steadfast at the time, about 6 years ago. I started this adventure not so that I could be flashy, or to be seen as wise, or to boast in myself at all. I created it to reflect on what the Lord has taught me and I pray that the Lord would use that testimony to draw others closer to himself. My story is riddled with my lack of faith but the Lord has always been faithful in responding to me in grace. In the midst of my/our little faith I believe that the Lord is continuing to shape and craft our stories to show others how great He is.

Wondering what you you will see on Mustard Seeds?

You will mostly see posts by me but sprinkled in there will be the stories of how the Lord has worked in others as well as fun recipes and craft ideas that have sparked my interest.

So all that being said, will you join me on this journey to see and savor Christ more?

kaylah olshefsky