What Kind Of Disciples Are You Making?

Recently I have heard the phrase, “We all make disciples out of something” and wondered, what am I kind of disciple am I making? What kind of example am I setting for the people around me?

I would hope that if someone were nearby it would be evident that I love the Lord by the decisions that I make, the way I speak, and even by the company I keep. But more often than not I find myself not trusting that the Lord has good plans for me, so I seek to satisfy my desires my own way. I speak in a way that seeks to make much of myself rather than making much of God and I often desire to be around people that entertain my own interests rather than seeking to serve others.

If I am honest, I would be making disciples who are self-absorbed glory robbers rather than meek, and humble glory givers.

No matter our audience, we have a profound impact on people.

We can use that platform to glorify the Lord and make him known or glorify ourselves.

What’s great is that scripture shows us what it looks like to have a God glorifying impact on people that transcends.

It starts with the Lord wanting the nation of Israel to be a blessing to the surrounding nations (Genesis 28:14), but today I would like zoom in a little on Paul’s ministry, which started out deadly.

He helped lead a great persecution against the church but on his way to Damascus to arrest believers, he was dramatically converted (Acts 9). After that moment Paul went and proclaimed who the person of Jesus was in synagogues, churches, and cities. He began and continued to be a blessing to others and sought for others to be the same.

Paul and his companions later went and established the church of Thessalonica and the people there were greatly impacted by them.

Paul had a hunger and desire to learn more about the Lord and it flowed into his relationships that he had with people he was pursuing. He was eager to be an imitator of Christ and challenged others to follow suit.

And that’s exactly what Thessalonica did. They turned away from worshiping things that would never bring true joy and satisfaction and turned to the living and true God.

The whole church went through a huge transformation and their faith was talked about in the surrounding areas, hopefully leading to more people being transformed. 

God gives us example after example of what it looks like when we use the influence that we have to make a faithful investment in people for the Lord through Paul.

As we invest in people, by God’s grace, it can then turn into people being transformed by effectual call the gospel. It can become a domino effect that would result in even more disciples being made.

I would like to urge you to consider what kind of disciples you are be making.

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