Savoring Christ

Several weeks ago we got a new door installed at work. It’s one of those doors that swing in and out. So naturally I made the mistake of standing right in front of the door as someone was leaving. I noticed that someone said “Watch out for the door!” So I took three steps forward and narrowly avoided being hit by the door.

You see when they spoke I listened. I heard a warning and I responded.

Why? Because I realized that someone was after my good and I listened.

It’s sometimes so easy to believe that people are after your good, but why is it so hard to believe that God is?

It happened in the Garden. God said gave such good things to Adam and Eve but they decided God did not know what was good for them. God was saying, “watch out for the tree!” and and they didn’t listen.

I don’t know about you but am so quick to forget God’s promises.

Scripture recounts this time and times again. In the book of Exodus one the most repeated words is "remember". Why? Because we are so quick to forget!

God is constantly calling us to remember who He is.

How do we remember? By listening to what God is saying by reading what He has already spoken often. The Bible is our key resource to see and savor Him. We also need to activly get to know our christian brothers and sisters to hear about how God is/has been faithfully working in their lives. When we take the time to really savor Christ we won’t easily forget who he is. He will be on the forefront of our minds.

Will you come along with me through the journey of seeing and savoring Christ?

kaylah olshefskyComment